We are thrilled to announce a few changes around the studio. If you’ve been in lately, you may have noticed that we’ve built out a gorgeous, new treatment room for additonal client pampering. It’s spacious and serene, thanks to Steve, Larry and Grant of Fradkin Fine Construction. They do beautiful work, finishing on time and on budget. If that’s not enough, they’re really, really nice.


I have worked with Steve Fradkin on several projects in the Seattle area.  Steve is an impeccable builder with a dedicated crew. His workmanship, attention to detail and organizational skills are superb.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Steve on an architectural project as I know it will be run smoothly and turn out beautifully. I hope to collaborate with Steve many times more in the future!


My house was suffering from water damage. The project; took over a year to complete, involved a total change to the exterior, the building of a room over the garage, and remodeling and updating the kitchen, living room, den, downstairs bedroom, utility room, 2 bathrooms, the master bedroom and bath.I actually enjoyed the experience, and was very comfortable having them in my house! 

Steve Fradkin and his crew are expert craftsmen. Their work, from building large structures to the placement of intricate details, is executed with focus and precision. Creatively they are a wonderful group to work with. Their ability to problem solve when problems (or opportunities) arise is outstanding. Because they are knowledgeable about design and materials as well as holding a great capacity for being creative, they are well suited to take on projects holding unique design elements.

I highly recommend them!


We want to let you know once again how much we appreciate your continued help and support with the front stair repair -- and so many other things --  over the past almost 8 years that we've lived in the beautiful home you built -- and we do feel like you built it for us!


In 2003, we purchased an old house on the waterfront on Bainbridge Island, having been convinced by one of our friends, who was an architect, that it was a true diamond in the rough.  The house had been built in 1973, and was so ugly, that my wife, Betsy, refused to even enter the house before closing.  We hired Fradkin Fine Construction to help us buff this monstrosity into the gleaming jewel that we own today.  Throughout the process, we were impressed with Steve’s integrity, attention to detail, and interactive management style.  We encountered a few surprises, as all projects of any size do, but with Steve’s help, we managed to work through them to a solution that pleased us aesthetically without breaking our budget.  Nine years after moving in, the house is still beautiful, which I attribute to the quality and workmanship exhibited by Fradkin Fine Construction.


Steve is detail-oriented and pays attention to quality. I trusted his judgement in choosing and supervising subcontractors who were going to keep my interests in mind.


Steve and his team at Fradkin Fine Construction are the best. We hired Steve to remodel a penthouse unit in our 1960's owner-occupied 8-unit apartment building and turn it into two separate living spaces. We worked with a great architect to develop the plans, and then Steve took it from there. 

Steve and our site manager Bent were so easy to work with. They were great listeners and very responsive to our concerns and questions. They were always thinking ahead to explain the impact of different decisions and give us options. We love our new home! The attention to detail and craftsmanship were beyond our wildest dreams. I wish I had another project so I could work with Fradkin Fine Construction again!


We hired Fradkin Fine Construction for a 7-month house renovation that involved taking down walls, hoisting in massive steel beams, adding on a kitchen, and more. 

The quality of their workmanship is impeccable, and, in addition to their own master carpenters and superb project management, they hire only the best subcontractors. Further, they also seem to only hire really nice people- people with whom you don't mind sharing your home and time. 

The project ended up being bigger and more expensive than we anticipated, but overall, we are thrilled with the results.


Fradkin Fine Construction has done several projects for me on three different homes in Seattle. All of the homes were along the west side of Lake Washington. All were older "character" homes, but each in a different style. He has worked with me in various teams: with a kitchen designer, with an architect, with various interior designers, with two different landscape architects. The only constant in each of the projects was Steve Fradkin. Steve has the highest integrity, he does what he says he will do, and does it right. I can't tell you how many messes he has had to clean up for me with poor work done by previous owners. I trust him implicitly. He will know the solution and he will execute it perfectly. 

In addition to his professional expertise, he is a pleasure to work with. And he hires fantastic crews. He is not the low bidder-- but you get what you pay for. He is not always the quickest-- he is in high demand, and has more than one project going at a time. That's the price you pay for quality. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve for any project you are doing when you want it to be done right.


Steve and his team actually made the remodel of our kitchen a pleasure. With a 100+ year old farmhouse there were some surprises, and they tackled each irregularity with creativity and experience, keeping the project on budget and making our home safer and more efficient in the process. Along the way they made excellent recommendations about where and how to save money and where to splurge. 

Every professional, including Steve, was a master craftsman with an eye for detail. The end result is a light-filled, comfortable kitchen that incorporates and reflects the historic feel of our home, but with all of today's amenities. 

They were nice to our kids, kind to our pets, and completely trustworthy. Highly recommended.


Fradkin Fine Construction is superb. Steve and his team displayed exceptional knowledge, met deadlines and budgets; were up front about all costs; exceptionally organized. The weekly meetings kept us all on track and in good communication so there were no surprises; we understood exactly what was going on if they encountered something unexpected and we knew when we needed to choose appliances, tile, etc choices. We felt 100% comfortable knowing they were doing our kitchen re-model. It turned out fabulous and we would (and are!) hire them again in a heartbeat.


I have used Fradkin Fine Construction for many projects over the past ten years. The most recent being a new bathroom, a remodeled kitchen, painting of existing rooms and refinished hard wood floors. Steve uses only the best carpenters, plumbers, installers and painters. I liked the floor refinishers so much that a year later I used them to buy and install new carpet. 

Steve uses dependable workers that show up on time and leave the work areas clean. I like to do my own design work. Steve sent me to places so that I could make decisions about tile, flooring, accessories etc. His suggestions were so helpful, sending me to high quality companies with good customer service. 

I recently had some sewer problems that required Steve to restore the parts of the basement that were torn up. He has worked me into his already busy schedule. That is the kind of contractor you need. 

I love my new kitchen and bath remodels. They are beautiful. His estimates are fair and he always consults me if there needs to be a change. You'll have peace of mind if you use Fradkin Fine Construction.